Exotic check-ins could jeopardise your insurance

With the summer fast approaching, a Cardiff-based insurance broker is warning that a high number of Welsh holidaymakers could jeopardise their insurance by sharing the details of their trips on social media.

Domestic burglary is one of the most frequent crimes to affect the UK. With this in mind, it is worrying to see more and more people using social media to state when they are away from their homes, giving burglars a prime opportunity to take advantage.

This was the case for English boxer, Ricky Hatton, earlier this year when his house was broken in to in February 2015. The former two-weight world champion was only away for a couple of days but tweeted he would be heading to London, leaving his home susceptible to home invasion.

Catherine Richards, Account Executive of Jelf Insurance Brokers, explains that by checking in at exotic locations or sharing holiday photos on social media platforms, they are not only leaving their homes vulnerable, but they could risk invalidating their home insurance.

Catherine said: “Social media is very popular and more people are taking to it to share their holiday snaps while they are away, which advertises to people that their property is empty. A lot of people do not realise that even with the strictest privacy settings, information can still be found.

“Insurance providers only advise against this behaviour but many consumers are unaware that they could check social media to decide whether or not a claim is valid – a practice that, as reported by the Times, is common for medical claims.”

Our top tips:

  • Check your privacy settings, who are you sharing your information with, just friends, friends of friends or the wider public?
  • Avoid posting your personal details such as your home address or phone number and check what additional information your photos display before you upload
  • Avoid posting messages that you are about to go on holiday
  • Avoid posting messages and photos about your holiday while you are away
  • Only accept friends/follow requests from people you know
  • Consider how you can make your home more secure while you are away (timers fitted on lights, fitting an alarm etc)
  • Posting your ‘check ins’ is also a risk factor, so be cautious and avoid if you are in any doubt